An LMS allows you to simply and effectively enroll your staff, serve them eLearning modules, track completions, facilitate reporting and ultimately ensure that you know who has done what.

Seems simple enough.

Yet research completed by the American e-Learning Guild clearly indicates that 80% of companies are extremely dissatisfied with their Learning Management System (LMS) within 5 years of adopting it.


Well, because many of the systems available on the market today will drive you to the point where it is unsafe to leave small children or animals in your care. And if you have ever dealt with learning management systems before, you will know that for many of the systems out there, that last statement is not actually a joke.

We like things to be simple, to work, and to be usable by normal people. We do not like systems that send you $40,000 bills for touching the phone. Nor do we like systems designed by NASA, that will make coffee, bath the cat, and can only be used by two people on the planet.

We use & recommend Pulse.

It was built for normal everyday people and was developed right here in Australia by Interaction training, one of our key partners.

In all the years we have been doing this we have never had an issue with Pulse. it is easy to implement, easy to use and just works.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. 70% of their customers have been with us/them for MORE THAN 5 years. The remaining 30%…are new!

Also, the list of users is impressive, and includes the department of foreign affairs (globally) Woolworth’s, BHP, Allianz, Westpack and the list goes on!

If you are serious about implementing a simple and extremely cost effective solution, give us, or the boys at interaction a call. We would be more than happy to give you a demo, or a free trial.

It really is that simple.