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/Game based Learning and Consulting

“People don’t develop skills from simply reading a book or going to a one-off workshop,” “They build skills by having to do something, failing, and trying again and again.”

At BabbleWire we are sick of Consultant Theater.

Don’t buy archetypes or other quick fixes!

1. True culture understanding comes from understanding the drivers of behaviours that impact how work is performed.

2. Every team is different. The idea that your people are just the same as team X is an insult. Programs need to suit the diversity of thinking that exists within your teams.

3. The success of most programs is measured by attendance and attendee satisfaction. The best way to see if a workshop was successful, is to assess the change delivered.

4. Shifting culture takes time and work. Your internal people are passionate they just need the tools to help them deliver your outcomes.

Why game based consulting?

We are DISK, Myers-Briggs, Herman Brain Dominance and Strenghtscope certified.  We can talk through the jargon of Lencioni’s Model though to every conceivable leadership[ and team model that you can think of.

In the end, unless this leads to a change in behavior and can be practically applied they will all remain just that. Models.  Our Game based Consulting methodology addresses this problem and is grounded on our four core pillars for leadership and culture development. They are:

1) Positive Psychology. Our goal is to ensure that all team members play to their strengths and is focused on catching each other doing things right. This helps to create an effective failure discussion framework.

2) No bullshit. Yes, read that correctly. We HATE ‘Consultant Theatre’. There is a separate section on the later in this proposal. Suffice to say our approach is aimed at creating practical workable and immediately implementable tools and strategies to change the current state and reset the existing paradigms. We are renowned for calling a spade, a spade. We are going to approach every participant as an adult. That means we will be respectful and direct. And we will be demanding the same from all involved.  Time is precious and we are not going to waste yours or ours.

3) Game based consulting foundation. We immerse you into our games and allow designed chaos to take hold. This allows default behaviours to come out of the woodwork. Depending on the game it allows us to highlight specific behaviours that we can then address. Once the default behaviors have been highlighted,  we can address them and highlight them on the day using practical and fresh examples. there is nowhere to hide. It also allows us to establish or recommend follow-up programs based on the reality of your environment or situation.

4) Seriously Fun. Humans learn through doing and it is our fundamental belief that ultimately everybody wants to work in a positive and collaborative environment. It is our job to create the platform and the environment that allows practical fun which facilitates the conversations and understanding needed to move forward. Our workshops are focussed and can be extremely serious with several ‘adult conversations’ during the day. They are also fun and often funny. In fact, getting your people to fight and laugh in one session is a critical outcome as this leads to trust and trust is ultimately needed if any successful working relationship is to be established.

Our game based consulting approach:

1)      Highlights your default behaviours, which allows us to accurately diagnose the true team and individual dynamics at play.

2)      Provides a safe environment where skills can be practiced and applied freely.

3)      Allows you to uncover and target specific skills and behaviours.

4)      Provides you with the framework to develop a pragmatic and specific development path for the gaps you have identified.

5)      Cuts through the ‘consultants theatre’ by visualising true behaviours in a simulated environment that normally takes many months of observation to uncover.

 If you would like more information about how we have successfully deployed this model to Australia’s largest employers or would like to discuss how this could work for you please feel free to contact us.