We don’t do ‘Blah, Blah, Blah, Quiz!’

As in all things, not all courseware is created equal.

Sure we all use the same base materials. We may even have access to the same tools. Michael Angelo had the same material most of us do, but his experience and talent ensured that what he delivered was slightly better than what many of us could muster.

The same goes for courseware development. Good animators are not good instructional designers. A good instructional designer may not be a good story teller. You need a specific blend of talent and experience, with the right tools, to deliver outstanding products. At BabbleWire, both our senior instructional designers are award winning, published authors with years of instructional design experience. Our technical team are artists in their own time with awards and qualifications to fill most walls.

Our Managing Director’s experience as a special needs teacher, and his understanding of web based learning, was the impetus for the development of our successful, differentiating learning methodology. Most importantly, it is our blind passion for learning and development, our love for all things web based, and the joy we get when you LOVE your learning solution that makes all the difference.

Core Components

Our courseware has several core components. They are:


Storytelling has been a fundamental part of how we as humans learn since the dawn of time. It’s a proven fact that story and narrative engages multiple centres of the brain and greatly enhances learning retention. We make extensive use of storytelling within our courseware development. This is usually delivered in the form of animations. They are brilliant at catching attention, explaining difficult concepts, and keeping the learner engaged.

Games and mini-games

As with storytelling, learning through playing is built into our very DNA. As a result, games form an important part of our online learning solutions. When we say ‘games’, we don’t mean “Age of Empires” or some XBOX game. Games can be as simple as “drag and drop” or “select-the-right-answer”. They are extremely effective, if used well. Games demand mental processing and bring a different feeling to your learning solution.


Scenarios form the backbone of our learning solutions.  We are committed to delivering training instances that impact human behaviour. By that, we mean that by the end of the training module your learners must be able to do something different. Scenarios are a brilliant tool that allow us to enforce mental processing whilst firing up the brain’s problem-solving neurons. This greatly enhances retention and engagement. Scenarios are also amazing assessment tools. They facilitate level 3 and 3 testing far better than any other tool available to us. For more information about how we assess, or clarification of the levels of testing, please refer to our white-paper on “how we assess” in the resources section.


It is said that a picture paints a thousand words. We agree. We use info-graphics and animated info-graphics to ensure true understanding of complex concepts. When used cleverly, these tools are very effective and can be a lot of fun!

If you are really interested in how this works, download our learning methodology or see more about our Approach!