We don’t care who you are, you will never, EVER, convince us that everything can and should be online. That is why we are part of an educational collective (The Capability Group of Companies). There are times, like say, when putting out a fire, that require the learner to simply pick up the fire extinguisher and put it out.

Cathy Moore said it best

“Do you want your fireman to know the seven steps of putting out a fire? Or do you want them to be able to put out the fire?”

Now, don’t get us wrong, we build, hands down, the best online courses in Australia. We don’t say that, our customers say that. But no matter how clever, or visually appealing an online module is, there are times when you need to add practical sessions to the mix.

Your selection should never be between ‘face-to-face’ or ‘online’. That is like saying; “hey, I want to build a house. Should I use bricks OR cement?” Crazy right?

We make extensive use of flipped learning in our blended solutions. This means that your learners are required to complete pre-work before arriving to the face-to-face training sessions. As a result, our face-to-face sessions are not information dissemination sessions, but practical sessions designed around the facilitation of skills. We don’t waste time simply talking at you.

Our solutions use facilitated training, self study, peer study, guided discovery, online modules, app based reference tools and games (online & face to face) to ensure that you get what you need.

We know, and research has proven time and again, that sitting your students down and talking at them is not an effective learning format. Face to face time is the most costly, but arguably, the most effective component of a learning solution if it is well embedded in a blended learning program.

Please give us a call – we’d love to help you design your blended solution.

Key point there:

We deliver what you need, not what we happen to be able to sell you!

There is obviously more to this conversation than what we can put down here. Why not touch base and take us for a test run?

We might just surprise you!