Beautiful, simple and easy to use - BabbleSnap.

Welcome to the home of Pull based learning! BabbleSnap provides a seamless, LMS agnostic, micro-learning platform. The material that you have developed and hosted on your intranet or LMS and is rarely access outside formal Push based learning sessions. With BabbleSnap, this becomes part of the everyday work rhythm of your organisation.

You can download BabbleSnap here and experience simple, pull based learning for your self. However, to add material you will need a BabbleSnap account.

You can activate that below by simply adding your basic details, or if you want to see this in action first, you need to download the app from the Store that applies to your phone and have a play!

As of December 1st 2016 you will be able to click below and download your own version of BabbleSnap. Until then please contact us Directly for more information.

You are in Control

BabbleSnap lets you upload your own Insights and Explainer Videos.

The system grows with you! Your IP no longer walks out the door each night. Your staff all contribute to the development of your learning assets. This will free you up to moderate the material and value add.

You will go form a push based learning framework to a vibration pull based learning culture, almost over night. Your staff has the ability to not only interact easily with your core-materials, but to participate in its creation.

This allows you to capture best practice with minimum fuss.

Increase Productivity

Research shows that providing your staff with access to vital information when they need it increases productivity by 19.2% on average.

BabbleSnap places all your core data in the palms of their hands.  Never again will anybody ask “how do I do this?”

BabbleSnap makes finding and applying core processes and procedures and best practice as simple as reaching for your phone.

Access the 70 in the 70/20/10!

The forgetting cure is not new and shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it. This research was done in 1885 by Hermann Ebbinghaus. Most learning solutions deployed today are aimed at the “10 & 20” sections of this equation.

BabbleSnap pulls your core learning out of the stale cupboards where it has been sitting and onto the palm of your hand.

As a result, your people can access this data when and where THEY need it. This is not only simple and effective, but aligns to how humans evolved to learn. Your brain naturally retain information that relates to a problem that it is solving.

The net result? – 70% data retention with minimum fuss!

Subtle data analytics.

You should know what your staff should know. It is reasonably easy to test what they do know. We can tell you what they want to know. BabbleSnap provides you with data analytics beyond just user access (which, BTW is on average 43%!).

We track all searches and we can give your top 20 searches with and without results. This allows you to plug knowledge gaps quickly and lets you identify areas that may require additional investment.

Gone is the delta between learning design, implementation and return. You will be able to clearly demonstrate why you implemented a training solution, and what the results of that training solutions was!

BabbleSnap takes the guesswork out of the equation because we provide you with real time data as to what your ecosystem is accessing and when!

Core features

LMS Agnostic

BabbleSnap does not replace your LMS! In fact, it will maximize your investment, by driving your users back to the content you have already created.

Highly secure

BabbleSnap adheres to all the safety parameters your banking app uses. We included a 6 pin security code that is auto generated by the system to verify the user. Your data is encrypted and securely saved for complete peace of mind!

Extremely easy to use!

It is said that simplicity is the ultimate perfection. trust us , it was hard to get this App this simple to use. We worked on the design for over a year to ensure that anybody can quickly and easily use the system to full effect.

Hugely Cost effective!

For less than a the price of a coffee per user you can completely reinvigorate how your organisation learn, retains and disseminates information. Our implementations start from as little as $21,500 and grows with you. Why not give us a call or come have a coffee. We would love to help you find your BabbleSnap!

Amazing Compatibility.

BabbleSnap works seamlessly across Apple and Android mobile phones. In our next release (Due in March) we will include Apple and Android tablets as well as support for Microsoft tablet platform.

We use simple .CSV integration files to talk to what ever LMS you have and we can direct your staff back to data located on your intranet.

If you can think of something we missed to make this APP more user friendly and easy to integrate into your existing ecosystem we would love to hear from you!

We truly believe that all learning should be simple effective and fun. BabbleSnap helps make it so!

Learning in the palm of your hand

Never in 15 years of working in this industry have I heard someone say, I could not remember how to do this so i logged on to the LMS, searched though the modules, watched one and two thirds from the end I found what I was looking for.

What inevitably happens is that your staff will turn to the person next to them and as them how to do what they need to do. And in that moment all the money , time and efforts you spent on developing new processes and procedures and to train your people in them goes out the window.

Why? Push based learning, although still a critical component of how we train our people, is unfortunately the least effective to ensure data retention. To ensure that your people retain the knowledge you with to impart, you MUST use push and pull based learning solutions. You need to ensure they have the information they need, when they need it!

Not sure you can believe me? OK, how may times did you use Wikipedia or Google this week? This month? What about you tube?

The internet has trained us to find the data we need when we need it. BabbleSnap is a safe, moderated and controlled platform that mimics this behavior and lets your staff find simple, one page answers to what ever questions they have.

For the more complex learning concepts there are explainer videos to help them make meaning. Best of all, most of this data already exists. You built it. it is located on your intranet and on your LMS, however, nobody ever uses it?

Why? Because when we apply our learning it is rarely at our computers. And even if it is the hassle to search for and troll through thousands of documents on the LMS or multiple modules on the LMS is to much hassle.

We can help you reinvigorate the materials you have already invested money in. We will also DRIVE traffic back to your LMS by making your learning simple, effective fun and ubiquitous.

We do all this by placing all your learning in the palm of your hand!